Frozen Fridays: Scoop DeVille


blogger: Basia

I literally just finished reading an article on the best ice cream places in Philly, and I was completely appalled not to find this place on there. This is an ice cream experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You know how at Cold Stone Creamery they literally slap your ice cream onto, well, a cold stone and mix your extras in? (I’m not calling them toppings because they’re not on top.) Scoop DeVille, located at Walnut and 13th Streets, takes that to the next level.

They blend them in.

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Steven Universe Recaps: “Full Disclosure” & “Open Book”

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blogger: Amy

Steven Universe, Season 2, Episode 1 – Full Disclosure

Spoilers for Steven Universe Seasons 1 and 2

Like Gravity Falls, I’ve stuck with Steven Universe since its premiere, and actually a bit before that. I was excited about the show from when I first saw creator Rebecca Sugar’s wonderful pilot, a few months before the show began officially airing on Cartoon Network with a major change in art style but little else otherwise.

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Gravity Falls Recap: “Scary-Oke” & “Into the Bunker”

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blogger: Amy

Salutations, readers! My name is Amy, an animation nerd who’s absolutely psyched to write for Femini as a (hopefully) recurring guest writer. Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are two of my all-time favorite shows, and each turn of the page in their respective stories always has something fun and interesting to offer, as their patient and passionate fanbases will tell you.

Because both shows rely on a network of slow-burning twists with clues carefully laid out over plots told mostly in episodic fashion, diving into the most recent seasons has its shares of pros and cons. It gives me the advantage of digging into the juicier plot-heavy episodes, but also the slight disadvantage of having to recap stuff from Season 1. Once I’m done with catching up on the current seasons, I will go back to the very beginning for each show to fill in any future hiatus periods which, given the wonky airing schedules for both shows, doesn’t seem unlikely.

And with that intro out of the way, let’s dig in!

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Frozen Fridays: Bubble Tea

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blogger: Connor

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bubble tea is, in fact, amazing. When Basia and I were hanging out and plotting the next steps of this website the other week (as we are wont to do), we picked up some bubble tea to finish our afternoon. Being avid tea drinkers, bubble tea is one of our favorite summer treats (or, if you’re me, year round. Probably.). You can imagine her excitement when I asked her if I could write about frozen bubble tea for this week’s Frozen Friday. THAT EXISTS?!?!! she texted me, frantic. To which I responded with a smirking emoji and a “Yes. Yes, it does.”

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Coming Up on Femini!


Last week, we had a meeting to discuss what, exactly, we were going to do with this site. “We need content!” we declared, slapping our palms down on the Nifty Fifty’s tabletop. (We didn’t actually slap the tabletop, because our milkshakes were on there, and you don’t take that kind of risk, but still.) The point is, we’ve come up with a tentative list of things that we’re going to be bringing to the site, and we wanted to prep you for all of them!

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Frozen Fridays: Mochi in University City


blogger: Basia

On Tuesday, I ventured down to University City to meet up with Connor. The plan was to make use of $5.50 movie day (we saw Trainwreck, which wasn’t nearly as funny as Spy, which made both of us need our inhalers, but still funny) and then go out for margaritas and tacos. Unfortunately, margaritas didn’t happen, because the place where we’d planned to go get them didn’t open until 5pm. Normally, we’d just walk to somewhere else in the city, but we’ve been under a heat advisory all week and didn’t feel like passing out. Luckily, we’d had sushi for lunch, which meant one of my favorite desserts: mochi.

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