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ATTENTION, EVERYONEWe have an announcement to make.

You remember that post we made about a week ago about curly hair? We called it Curly Hair Gothic and wrote it in the style of a meme that floated into the tumblr-sphere a few months ago. You might recall us ragging on about the trials of having curly hair, the trials of people talking to you about curly hair, the trials of wanting curly hair………… the list goes on.

In any case, the point of this isn’t that we  both have curly hair. The point is that we started this blog with a very, very broad schema. In fact, it was so broad you could probably say it lacked direction. (It didn’t. We were just very Open To Possibilities. We try to be Open To Possibilities as writers. It keeps us on our toes.) It took us ages to figure out what to write in this space of ours, let alone what to call it–and somehow, despite the fact that we both liked the idea of “Femini,” it still didn’t have quite the right ring to it. Still, it was good; it was funky; it was us–so we went along with it with the full understanding that, should we come up with a better idea, we were open to rebranding ourselves.

Long story short: We’re rebranding ourselves.

Sort of. I mean, we’re still the same people. And we’re still the same blog. And mostly? We’ll still have the same content. Basia will keep recapping Batgirl comics. Connor will actually get herself in gear and finish recapping Agent Carter. We’ll alternate Frozen Fridays with places around Philly as well as the occasional vacation stop. We’ll post the occasional movie review. But instead of wandering around aimlessly, wondering what our theme is, we’ll be living up to our new name.

SO: Sit back, stay tuned, and let us know what you want to hear about. We’ll be taking about a week to get ourselves organized here until we re-launch as Curly Hair Gothic

In the meantime, never fear! We’ll both be posting some stories up at our favorite new blog section, Anthem of the Half Employed. (We were going to call it Anthem of the Unemployed, but then Basia went and got herself a job. So.) Stay tuned for anecdotes about Basia’s new job, Connor’s most recent interview woes, cover letter tips, and other post-grad life stories. We can’t promise much, but we promise to be entertaining.



Coming Up on Femini!


Last week, we had a meeting to discuss what, exactly, we were going to do with this site. “We need content!” we declared, slapping our palms down on the Nifty Fifty’s tabletop. (We didn’t actually slap the tabletop, because our milkshakes were on there, and you don’t take that kind of risk, but still.) The point is, we’ve come up with a tentative list of things that we’re going to be bringing to the site, and we wanted to prep you for all of them!

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