(Not-So) Throwback Thursday Review: Broadway’s Finding Neverland


Every time we turn on a talk show these days, we see Matthew Morrison (and sometimes Kelsey Grammer) promoting his latest gig: Broadway’s new Finding Neverland musical, which officially opened on April 15th. Basia had the chance to see it while it was still in previews, so she wrote up a review for all of you.

blogger: Basia

We’ve already established that I am an emotional musical attendee.

There’s something about the experience of watching something happening live that is so breathtaking to me, and let me tell you. Finding Neverland is a musical that makes seeing it live such a moving and powerful experience.

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Throwback Thursday Review: The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Paper Mill Playhouse


It’s been ten days since The Hunchback of Notre Dame closed at the Paper Mill Playhouse. There has been tentative talk about it maybe coming to Broadway, and we absolutely hope it does. We were lucky enough to take a mini road trip to see it in early March, and so one of today’s Throwback posts is Basia’s review of the show and the overall experience.

blogger: Basia

It is worth pointing out that I am a very emotional musical attendee.

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