We Are Your Friends


blogger: Connor

Recently, a new friend asked me if I’d like to cover We Are Your Friends for her website. Naturally, I said, “Hey. I love movies. That sounds like fun.” Here’s a preview of what I had to say. The rest can be found over on Tinsel & Tine!

Some moments stick with you. Maybe they’re no fun at all—like sitting next to a crying baby on a plane or missing the El by that much—or maybe they’re the good sort, like hitting every green light on Chestnut Street or a wildly fun night out with friends; the best sort of moments stick with you as much as the bad ones. But the best moment for Squirrel (Alex Shaffer), at least, is this: the moment before it starts.


(Not-So) Throwback Thursday Review: Broadway’s Finding Neverland


Every time we turn on a talk show these days, we see Matthew Morrison (and sometimes Kelsey Grammer) promoting his latest gig: Broadway’s new Finding Neverland musical, which officially opened on April 15th. Basia had the chance to see it while it was still in previews, so she wrote up a review for all of you.

blogger: Basia

We’ve already established that I am an emotional musical attendee.

There’s something about the experience of watching something happening live that is so breathtaking to me, and let me tell you. Finding Neverland is a musical that makes seeing it live such a moving and powerful experience.

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Teas: Strawberry Champagne & Clouds and Mist

blogger: Basia

I love tea. My friendship with Connor sort of revolves around tea. In college, we were always in one another’s apartments, swapping tea bags and timing our arrival with the whistle of the kettle. (Seriously. It’s a superpower.) When my sister-in-law signed me up for Tea Sparrow as a Galentine’s Day present, I could have died of happiness. (No, I’m not married, but the boyfriend and I have been dating for over four years–“my boyfriend’s sister” is just impersonal at this point.) For those of you who don’t know, Tea Sparrow offers a subscription service where you receive four tea samples per month to try out. I won’t always be recommending/reviewing teas from Tea Sparrow, but it’s a nice opportunity for me to try new tea–and, as I’ve said, I love tea.

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Throwback Thursday Review: Branagh’s Cinderella


It’s been over a month since Cinderella premiered in theaters, but we still haven’t stopped talking about it. Over on our personal Tumblrs, we can often be seen crying about how beautiful the film was and how much it meant to us. Furthermore, it was an extremely negative review of Cinderella that led to us starting this website, so we felt a review was in order.

blogger: Connor

You could say that this was the beginning.

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