Batgirl Recap: Batgirl #43


blogger: Basia

It’s that time of the month again, Batgirl fans! And I’m back with another recap of a Batgirl issue that seemed really, really short while I was reading it but seems much longer now that I’m typing up this recap. (This is how it always happens.) Sorry we’re a day behind–now that I’ve got a Real Person Job, life sometimes gets in the way of my comic book reading, but never fear. I’m still recapping Batgirl, if sometimes in a less timely manner than before.

Let’s begin.

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Steven Universe Recaps: “Full Disclosure” & “Open Book”

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blogger: Amy

Steven Universe, Season 2, Episode 1 – Full Disclosure

Spoilers for Steven Universe Seasons 1 and 2

Like Gravity Falls, I’ve stuck with Steven Universe since its premiere, and actually a bit before that. I was excited about the show from when I first saw creator Rebecca Sugar’s wonderful pilot, a few months before the show began officially airing on Cartoon Network with a major change in art style but little else otherwise.

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Gravity Falls Recap: “Scary-Oke” & “Into the Bunker”

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blogger: Amy

Salutations, readers! My name is Amy, an animation nerd who’s absolutely psyched to write for Femini as a (hopefully) recurring guest writer. Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are two of my all-time favorite shows, and each turn of the page in their respective stories always has something fun and interesting to offer, as their patient and passionate fanbases will tell you.

Because both shows rely on a network of slow-burning twists with clues carefully laid out over plots told mostly in episodic fashion, diving into the most recent seasons has its shares of pros and cons. It gives me the advantage of digging into the juicier plot-heavy episodes, but also the slight disadvantage of having to recap stuff from Season 1. Once I’m done with catching up on the current seasons, I will go back to the very beginning for each show to fill in any future hiatus periods which, given the wonky airing schedules for both shows, doesn’t seem unlikely.

And with that intro out of the way, let’s dig in!

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