Thin Curly Hair: A Lifestyle


blogger: Basia

I once read an article that said people with thin curly hair were lucky that their hair curled at all. If you’re wondering if repeatedly berating your hair with this little tidbit of knowledge while you’re trying to wrangle it into shape will make it feel remorse for causing you grief, it doesn’t.

I’ve tried.

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Curly Hair Gothic

bloggers: Basia & Connor

You condition every day. You condition more times than you can count.

“My hair has a mind of its own,” you say. People laugh. They think you are joking. You are not joking. Your hair laughs, too.

You cannot remember the last time you washed your hair. It might have been the last full moon. For some reason, you can’t recall.

Someone asks if you have a brush. The word seems familiar, like a distant memory, but you can’t quite remember what it means.

“Comb? You mean, looking for seashells on the beach?”

You pull your hair up and reach into your bag for a bobby pin. You swear you bought a full pack yesterday, but somehow they have all disappeared.

This is not unusual to you.

You buy another pack.

You have to buy another one tomorrow.

You try every product that exists. None of them work. You think you’ve found one that works, but then it is discontinued. You are no longer sure it even existed to begin with.

Someone tells you your hair looks great today. Your hair grows ten sizes. “Thank you,” you say, stiffly. Your hair prickles the back of your neck. You force a smile. “I love my hair.”

There is always frizz. You have forgotten what it is like to live without frizz. The weather, the day, the year all change, but the frizz remains. There is always frizz.

You pull a hair off of a friend’s jacket. It is yours. It is always yours. All of your friends are covered in layers of your hair. It has always been this way.

You pull clumps of your own hair out of the shower drain, yet every day, you seem to have more hair than the day before.

You purchase every anti-frizz product at every drugstore. You can never find them after you pay for them.

Someone with straight hair tells you they wish they had your hair. “No,” you intone, while your hair rustles and grows menacingly. “You don’t.”

You finally manage to straighten your hair. It has taken hours. You cannot remember doing anything else. Perhaps you never have. You step outside. It is as if you never straightened your hair at all. Perhaps you never did.

Everyone you see with curly hair has better hair than yours. When you spot each other, you look at each other and say only, “Hair envy,” before moving on.

You ask everyone how they manage their curls. Everyone answers differently. Everyone says the same thing. You cannot recall asking anyone, but you know with certainty you have asked everyone.

Coming Soon: Batgirl Reread

Waiting for the next issue of Batgirl to drop in June but can’t remember what happened? Haven’t read the new Batgirl yet and want to get started while it’s on a brief break? You’ve come to the right place. Basia is in love with the new Batgirl run, so starting next Wednesday, she’ll be doing a reread of the Batgirl comics, starting with Batgirl #35, to get you ready for Babs’s return on June 24th. She’ll be recapping, discussing, and, of course, fangirling right here for all of you, so make sure you join her.

Coming Soon: Marvel’s Agent Carter Rewatch

agent carter

Do you love Agent Carter? What a coincidence–so do we. Connor is a self-proclaimed Agent Carter evangelist. “Have you accepted Peggy Carter as your lord and savior,” she jokes; it could probably be her catchphrase. When friends come to visit, one of the first things she does is make sure they’ve seen Agent Carter. If they haven’t, she sits them down and watches it with them all over again. (Seriously.)

As such, an Agent Carter rewatch has been on her to-do list for a while. Except this time, the friend with whom she’s sharing it is you! Within the next few days, keep an eye out for the beginning of Connor’s rewatch. Trust us–you won’t want to miss it.

Teas: Strawberry Champagne & Clouds and Mist

blogger: Basia

I love tea. My friendship with Connor sort of revolves around tea. In college, we were always in one another’s apartments, swapping tea bags and timing our arrival with the whistle of the kettle. (Seriously. It’s a superpower.) When my sister-in-law signed me up for Tea Sparrow as a Galentine’s Day present, I could have died of happiness. (No, I’m not married, but the boyfriend and I have been dating for over four years–“my boyfriend’s sister” is just impersonal at this point.) For those of you who don’t know, Tea Sparrow offers a subscription service where you receive four tea samples per month to try out. I won’t always be recommending/reviewing teas from Tea Sparrow, but it’s a nice opportunity for me to try new tea–and, as I’ve said, I love tea.

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Throwback Thursday Review: Branagh’s Cinderella


It’s been over a month since Cinderella premiered in theaters, but we still haven’t stopped talking about it. Over on our personal Tumblrs, we can often be seen crying about how beautiful the film was and how much it meant to us. Furthermore, it was an extremely negative review of Cinderella that led to us starting this website, so we felt a review was in order.

blogger: Connor

You could say that this was the beginning.

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