the short version: reviews with a dash of happiness and adventure brought to you by Connor and Basia in an attempt to avoid that ‘cynicism is cool’ mentality.

the long version: The Femini Project is a collective of different things–movie & book reviews, fashion, interesting news around the Philadelphia area–inspired by the fact that mainstream media seems determined to instill the idea that positivity is dead and that cynicism is the only way to be cool. This, we know at Femini Project, is a total and complete falsehood. We aren’t out to diss things just because they’re feminine or a little weird or because they’re not the indie ideal of “cool.” We’re here to be inspired, to find things that we enjoy, and to share them with the world.

Why should you read the Femini Project? Well, let us ask you a question. Have you ever gone to your favorite  website, excited to read a review of a movie you just saw and loved, only to see it ripped to tiny shreds? Do you then have an identity crisis of epic proportions? Do you wonder if maybe you were wrong about the movie? Do you then become completely incensed because you realize, no, you were not wrong about the movie, they are the ones who are wrong, and how dare they make you feel like a fool for enjoying something that they might not have?

Welcome, friends. We’re here for you.

After reading unnecessarily negative reviews that shamed viewers for enjoying certain films, we here at Femini Project thought, That’s it! We’re doing this ourselves! (This is how we often do things, to be honest, and will, most likely, be the cause of however the website grows and adapts over the course of time.) So what you’re getting from us is this:

  • reviews. Positive reviews about books, films, music, and everything in between.
  • fashion. What to wear when posts, highlights from our own closets, tips for shopping on a budget.
  • tea, lots of talking about tea. Recommendations for where to buy tea, what sorts of tea you should try, perhaps even a tea of the month.
  • recipes, probably.
  • highlights from the Philadelphia area. Heard about that new blowout bar downtown but don’t know if you’ll like it? We’ll check it out and report back. Visiting the area and curious about the atmosphere, food, and beer list at that German restaurant in Old City? We’ve got your back. What about our favorite ice cream places? Oh, yeah, we’ve definitely got you covered.

What won’t you get from us?

  • unicorns & rainbows. Sorry, folks, they’re just too expensive for upkeep, and unicorns belong in the forest, anyway.
  • blinders, which is to say, we’re not going to pretend that everything is perfect and ignore flaws. We’ll acknowledge when something is done poorly, but we’ll approach it in the manner of constructive criticism, not in the manner of, ohmygod this was the worst thing ever, does anyone in this world even have a brain?!
  • puppies. Seriously, we can’t even get ourselves puppies, and you think we’re going to send you one?

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