Frozen Fridays: Rhubarb Sorbet


blogger: Basia

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I was a frazzled college senior working feverishly on her senior creative thesis. It consumed most of my life until the end of April, when I finally turned it into the Creative Writing department, heaved a huge sigh of relief, and had some tea to celebrate. My thesis advisor, an awesome lady who was really supportive of my left-of-center idea (we won’t get into it here, but think Twin Peaks meets Night Vale), said she wanted to take me out to lunch to celebrate my thesis finally being complete! Because I had class on the day she scheduled our lunch, we ate locally, near the English building, so I could dash off to class as soon as we were finished. So we hit up the White Dog, because that’s where you go on Sansom Street when you want good food and want to feel classy.

The White Dog Cafe is located on Sansom between 34th and 36th Streets. I’ve never had a disappointing meal here, and I also highly recommend their brunch (endless mimosas always sell me on a brunch). I don’t remember what I had for dinner, but I do remember what I had for dessert: rhubarb sorbet.

It sounds weird, right? That’s what I thought when the server told me what the dessert options were. I was tempted to go the safe route and get something chocolate (also, I am often wary of trying new foods because my dad was allergic to practically everything when he was younger, so we’re not exactly sure what food allergies I’ve inherited), but I thought, Oh, what the hell, and took a gamble. (Note: If you think you might be allergic to something, seriously don’t do this. You could die, and that would be bad.) Needless to say, I didn’t die of anaphylactic shock–turns out I’m not allergic to rhubarb, who knew.

did, however, have one of the most unique and amazing dessert experiences ever. I might have taken a picture, but I can’t remember, and if I did, it was on my old phone, which died spectacularly earlier this summer. Thankfully, a few kind souls on Flickr, like Piccante Dolce, actually took pictures of their rhubarb sorbet. The one pictured here isn’t as pink as the one I received–that was super pink–but you get the general idea. I’m not very big on pink things in general, but I was so excited when this hot pink dessert landed in front of me.

This sorbet was like the mother of all sorbets. It was tart but also sweet. It had a nice flavor–I’ve never had anything containing rhubarb before or since, so I can’t really say if that’s what it tasted like. I didn’t want to be weird, since I was with other people, but I was tempted to sit there and just let it melt in my mouth. Honestly, it was like a religious experience.

I can’t promise you that the White Dog will have this dessert again when you go, but it’s honestly worth the trip anyway. I’ve always had a really good experience there, and I highly recommend their brunch. But what I’m really saying is go out and find yourself some rhubarb sorbet. Experience the magic. You’ll be glad you did.



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