Frozen Fridays: Mouse’s Chocolates & Coffee


blogger: Connor

My family went on a nice, breathe-the-mountain air vacation the other week. This involved seventeen hours of travel as we moved from our Philadelphia twin (that’s like a two or three-story duplex to y’all who aren’t from these parts) to our friend’s house in Ouray, Colorado (elevation: 7,792 ft). The twists and turns of what made that trip seventeen hours are another story entirely. The point here, though, is that Mouse’s has the best cookie dough ice cream I’ve ever had.

And if there’s one flavor for which I could be named connoisseur, it’s cookie dough.

Now, like the name says–Mouse’s isn’t best known for their ice cream. They’re known for their chocolates (which, let me tell you, are amazing). That being said, there’s nothing quite like a sugar cone stuffed with delicious, creamy coldness after a day of hiking or exploring or sitting in the back of a jeep tour around Corkscrew Pass or Yankee Basin (yes, we did one of those).

In any case, the long and short of it is that my dear sister and I wandered into Mouse’s in search of ice cream (not chocolates. Those came later.) and were pleasantly surprised by… everything, really, but especially the cookie dough content of this ice cream. We’re talking gobs of the stuff in every bite. We’re talking chocolate chips all over the place, but not in an obnoxious way. We’re talking holy smokes this is so chock full of cookie dough I’m surprised other people can even call their ice cream cookie dough.


The purple one that’s obviously not cookie dough is huckleberry (which, while good, didn’t hold a candle to the cookie dough). I could sit here and talk to you about the relative merits–huckleberries are great and all, but I prefer the tartness of raspberries and blackberries; chewy cookie dough chunks as far as the eye can see are much more appealing to my stomach; you could make five cookies from the amount of dough in one scoop of ice cream…

But let’s be real, y’all want to see what else made this place special.



Ouray, CO is a lovely town. It’s got this really cool perimeter hike, a number of waterfalls, and a lovely Main Street (which is also part of Highway 550, which turns into the Million Dollar Highway shortly after leaving town). The ice cream is delicious (10/10 would recommend if you happen to be in the… area… seeing as Ouray has a population of about 900, that’s unlikely, but you never know!).

They also do some really cool sundaes.  Aforementioned sister tried one of the oreo ones on our second trip.


But almost as much as the views, the dogs of Ouray make you feel completely welcomed. They’re everywhere, first of all–people bring them into shops, leave them outside of shops, take them hiking, carry them around in strollers or slings (no, I’m not kidding. Yes, I did see this happen on three separate occasions). Our second trip to Mouse’s–the one that involved the oreo sundae–we met a dog named Blue who was tied up outside. She was beautiful (and also quite fond of ice cream, I believe, as she kept trying to eat ours or lick it off our hands).


All in all, Mouse’s was exactly what I was looking for in a vacation ice cream shop. Friendly employees, delicious ice cream, lots and lots and lots of cookie dough (equally delicious coffee ice cream, by the way)… and plenty of mountains to hike so you can maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


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