Coming Up on Femini!


Last week, we had a meeting to discuss what, exactly, we were going to do with this site. “We need content!” we declared, slapping our palms down on the Nifty Fifty’s tabletop. (We didn’t actually slap the tabletop, because our milkshakes were on there, and you don’t take that kind of risk, but still.) The point is, we’ve come up with a tentative list of things that we’re going to be bringing to the site, and we wanted to prep you for all of them!

  • Anthem of the Half Employed. This was supposed to be Anthem of the Unemployed, but Basia is about to make the move to Real World, America, and begin working full-time, which leaves only half of us unemployed. We’ll talk about tips for keeping the unemployed depression/anxiety at bay, looking for jobs, how to write a cover letter, among other job- and looking-for-job-related things. It’ll be featured on a side blog, which we’ve linked for you, but we’ll also be linking posts through here!
  • Fashion. Yes, we’re actually going to do fashion posts now! Stay tuned for things like Date Wear and Gym Wear and What The Hell Is Business Casual Anyway? (We’re not even sure about the answer to that last one, but we’ll give it a go.)
  • Inspired Fashion. We’re also going to be doing posts that are fashion inspired by something–a song, a painting, or a movie or television poster. We have plans for this one. Big plans. Stay tuned.
  • Product Recommendations. Looking for a new razor? We’ll tell you our faves! Also our preferred things like lip balm, eyeliner, pizza cutters, electric kettles, etc., etc.
  • Curly Hair Blogging. Both of us have curly hair, but of different kinds. Connor’s is thick and she cuts it short, while Basia’s is thin and she wears it longer. You don’t deal with those types of curly hair in the same way, so we’ll give you the breakdown of what works for us vs. what doesn’t!
  • The Return of Agent Carter. Yes, we haven’t forgotten about this show! Connor will be back with the recap in the near future.
  • More Philly! We’re going to try to do more stuff locally, like visiting the Punk Rock Flea Market once Connor is back from her WiFi-less vacation (We know. She’s scared about that one, too). If there’s anything in town you’re curious about, just ask!
  • Life & Love Advice. Have general life questions? Love life questions? Send ’em our way! Sure, we’re only twenty-something, but we’ll give you the best advice we’re able. And Basia’s been in a steady relationship for almost five years, so maybe that will inspire some confidence in you. At the very least, we’ll make you laugh. (Probably. Hopefully. In all likelihood.)
  • Steven Universe & Gravity Falls. With the addition of guest blogger Amy (say hi to Amy, everyone!), we’ll be posting recaps of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls every Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you check that out!

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