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ATTENTION, EVERYONEWe have an announcement to make.

You remember that post we made about a week ago about curly hair? We called it Curly Hair Gothic and wrote it in the style of a meme that floated into the tumblr-sphere a few months ago. You might recall us ragging on about the trials of having curly hair, the trials of people talking to you about curly hair, the trials of wanting curly hair………… the list goes on.

In any case, the point of this isn’t that we  both have curly hair. The point is that we started this blog with a very, very broad schema. In fact, it was so broad you could probably say it lacked direction. (It didn’t. We were just very Open To Possibilities. We try to be Open To Possibilities as writers. It keeps us on our toes.) It took us ages to figure out what to write in this space of ours, let alone what to call it–and somehow, despite the fact that we both liked the idea of “Femini,” it still didn’t have quite the right ring to it. Still, it was good; it was funky; it was us–so we went along with it with the full understanding that, should we come up with a better idea, we were open to rebranding ourselves.

Long story short: We’re rebranding ourselves.

Sort of. I mean, we’re still the same people. And we’re still the same blog. And mostly? We’ll still have the same content. Basia will keep recapping Batgirl comics. Connor will actually get herself in gear and finish recapping Agent Carter. We’ll alternate Frozen Fridays with places around Philly as well as the occasional vacation stop. We’ll post the occasional movie review. But instead of wandering around aimlessly, wondering what our theme is, we’ll be living up to our new name.

SO: Sit back, stay tuned, and let us know what you want to hear about. We’ll be taking about a week to get ourselves organized here until we re-launch as Curly Hair Gothic

In the meantime, never fear! We’ll both be posting some stories up at our favorite new blog section, Anthem of the Half Employed. (We were going to call it Anthem of the Unemployed, but then Basia went and got herself a job. So.) Stay tuned for anecdotes about Basia’s new job, Connor’s most recent interview woes, cover letter tips, and other post-grad life stories. We can’t promise much, but we promise to be entertaining.



We Are Your Friends


blogger: Connor

Recently, a new friend asked me if I’d like to cover We Are Your Friends for her website. Naturally, I said, “Hey. I love movies. That sounds like fun.” Here’s a preview of what I had to say. The rest can be found over on Tinsel & Tine!

Some moments stick with you. Maybe they’re no fun at all—like sitting next to a crying baby on a plane or missing the El by that much—or maybe they’re the good sort, like hitting every green light on Chestnut Street or a wildly fun night out with friends; the best sort of moments stick with you as much as the bad ones. But the best moment for Squirrel (Alex Shaffer), at least, is this: the moment before it starts.

Frozen Fridays: Rhubarb Sorbet


blogger: Basia

I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I was a frazzled college senior working feverishly on her senior creative thesis. It consumed most of my life until the end of April, when I finally turned it into the Creative Writing department, heaved a huge sigh of relief, and had some tea to celebrate. My thesis advisor, an awesome lady who was really supportive of my left-of-center idea (we won’t get into it here, but think Twin Peaks meets Night Vale), said she wanted to take me out to lunch to celebrate my thesis finally being complete! Because I had class on the day she scheduled our lunch, we ate locally, near the English building, so I could dash off to class as soon as we were finished. So we hit up the White Dog, because that’s where you go on Sansom Street when you want good food and want to feel classy.

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Batgirl Recap: Batgirl #43


blogger: Basia

It’s that time of the month again, Batgirl fans! And I’m back with another recap of a Batgirl issue that seemed really, really short while I was reading it but seems much longer now that I’m typing up this recap. (This is how it always happens.) Sorry we’re a day behind–now that I’ve got a Real Person Job, life sometimes gets in the way of my comic book reading, but never fear. I’m still recapping Batgirl, if sometimes in a less timely manner than before.

Let’s begin.

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Frozen Fridays: Mouse’s Chocolates & Coffee


blogger: Connor

My family went on a nice, breathe-the-mountain air vacation the other week. This involved seventeen hours of travel as we moved from our Philadelphia twin (that’s like a two or three-story duplex to y’all who aren’t from these parts) to our friend’s house in Ouray, Colorado (elevation: 7,792 ft). The twists and turns of what made that trip seventeen hours are another story entirely. The point here, though, is that Mouse’s has the best cookie dough ice cream I’ve ever had.

And if there’s one flavor for which I could be named connoisseur, it’s cookie dough.

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Curly Hair Gothic

bloggers: Basia & Connor

You condition every day. You condition more times than you can count.

“My hair has a mind of its own,” you say. People laugh. They think you are joking. You are not joking. Your hair laughs, too.

You cannot remember the last time you washed your hair. It might have been the last full moon. For some reason, you can’t recall.

Someone asks if you have a brush. The word seems familiar, like a distant memory, but you can’t quite remember what it means.

“Comb? You mean, looking for seashells on the beach?”

You pull your hair up and reach into your bag for a bobby pin. You swear you bought a full pack yesterday, but somehow they have all disappeared.

This is not unusual to you.

You buy another pack.

You have to buy another one tomorrow.

You try every product that exists. None of them work. You think you’ve found one that works, but then it is discontinued. You are no longer sure it even existed to begin with.

Someone tells you your hair looks great today. Your hair grows ten sizes. “Thank you,” you say, stiffly. Your hair prickles the back of your neck. You force a smile. “I love my hair.”

There is always frizz. You have forgotten what it is like to live without frizz. The weather, the day, the year all change, but the frizz remains. There is always frizz.

You pull a hair off of a friend’s jacket. It is yours. It is always yours. All of your friends are covered in layers of your hair. It has always been this way.

You pull clumps of your own hair out of the shower drain, yet every day, you seem to have more hair than the day before.

You purchase every anti-frizz product at every drugstore. You can never find them after you pay for them.

Someone with straight hair tells you they wish they had your hair. “No,” you intone, while your hair rustles and grows menacingly. “You don’t.”

You finally manage to straighten your hair. It has taken hours. You cannot remember doing anything else. Perhaps you never have. You step outside. It is as if you never straightened your hair at all. Perhaps you never did.

Everyone you see with curly hair has better hair than yours. When you spot each other, you look at each other and say only, “Hair envy,” before moving on.

You ask everyone how they manage their curls. Everyone answers differently. Everyone says the same thing. You cannot recall asking anyone, but you know with certainty you have asked everyone.