Frozen Fridays: Mochi in University City


blogger: Basia

On Tuesday, I ventured down to University City to meet up with Connor. The plan was to make use of $5.50 movie day (we saw Trainwreck, which wasn’t nearly as funny as Spy, which made both of us need our inhalers, but still funny) and then go out for margaritas and tacos. Unfortunately, margaritas didn’t happen, because the place where we’d planned to go get them didn’t open until 5pm. Normally, we’d just walk to somewhere else in the city, but we’ve been under a heat advisory all week and didn’t feel like passing out. Luckily, we’d had sushi for lunch, which meant one of my favorite desserts: mochi.

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Batgirl Recap: Batgirl #42


Welcome back, Batgirl fans! Last month, we left Babs finding out her father was the new Batman. The issue ended on a cliffhanger, with Batman and Batgirl fighting Livewire in the street, only for Batman to tell Batgirl that she’s under arrest. Which is where me meet up with Batgirl this month. Let’s find out what happens, shall we?

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Frozen Fridays: Big Gay Ice Cream


blogger: Connor

Shortly after Basia and I started this Frozen Fridays venture, my friend Mae messaged me. Connor! she said. I saw your new blog post! You have to try Big Gay Ice Cream! I quickly responded in the affirmative. Well, I thought. Any excuse for ice cream. And so it came to pass that, on Monday last, Mae, her youngest (a delightfully spunky one year old), and I trickled into an ice cream shop tucked into the block just past the northeast corner of Broad and South.

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