FROZEN FRIDAYS: Little Baby’s Ice Cream


blogger: Connor

When Little Baby’s opened a branch around the corner from my house, I nearly wept with joy. Why, you ask? Because every journey to Pizza Brain (a pretty awesome pizza joint/pizza museum over on the edge of Fishtown) involved a trip to Little Baby’s, and every trip to Little Baby’s–whichever branch–involved really weird but really good ice cream flavors.

I’m talking Pizza. I’m talking Everything Bagel. I’m talking Chocolate Salt Malt and Strawberry Peppercorn. I’m talking Thai Iced Tea, Tamarind Yerba Mate, Rose Pistachio, Earl Grey Sriracha. I’m talking Speculoos. Yes, like the cookie butter.

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SUMMER SPECIAL: Frozen Fridays

ice cream

Friends, it is officially summer in Philadelphia. (If you refuse to go by the summer equinox, then we recommend you check this past week’s heat index. Don’t let these post-thunderstorm-breezes fool you.)

Here are some things you should know about Philly summers.

  • Ice cream trucks are out in full force from now until, quite likely, the end of September. Their lilting tunes will haunt your dreams.
  • There are so many festivals, you physically cannot go to every single one of them. (Seriously. I’ve tried.)
  • Biergartens? You like beer gardens? You came to the right city, my friend.
  • If you’re new and thought you’d moved north to escape the brutal heat and humidity of the southern states, well… sorry to disappoint. They’re just as brutal here. (Trust me. I’ve lived and worked in both.)

The point of the matter is that, in order to survive a Philadelphia summer, you’re going to need some contingency cooling-off plans. That’s where we come in. 

Every Friday for the rest of the summer, we are going to showcase a different spot for frozen treats in Philadelphia. You like Franklin Fountain? We’ll go to Franklin Fountain. You want to know what the weirdest flavors at Little Baby’s are this summer? We’ll go to Little Baby’s. Gelato, froyo, ice cream, milkshakes, popsicles: we’ve got you covered.

So send us your recommendations and requests. Got a favorite flavor we have to taste? An ice cream truck that you heard about on twitter? Let us know! We’ll be investigating all sorts of frozen Philly treats, and we’d love to give yours a try.